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Here at Genesis, family means everything. And when you work with us, you're treated like family - because you're helping create one. Our commitment and passion for what we do means that we make your process as smooth as possible. Your dedicated Case Manager is here for you to soothe any anxiety, answer any question, and facilitate every detail. Our compensation runs above industry standard, corresponding with our distinguished caliber of clientele. Let us show you why we've earned a reputation based on trust, integrity, and family.


Give the gift of family and become part of ours.

The Genesis Group specializes in hard to find Donors. We have an online Donor database of over 400 to 600 Egg Donors. The Egg Donor profiles are complete with pictures and background information that you can access anytime from the convenience and privacy of your own home. We thoroughly pre-screen all of our Egg Donors genetically, psychologically and medically. We only accept 3% to 5% of all applicants. If you need additional information about any of our Egg Donors, we are more than happy to assist you.


Standard Egg Donation

Our Egg Donor team is proficient in sourcing hard to find Egg Donors, including (but not limited to) requests such as Asian Donors, Ivy League Donors, Model Donors, and Indian Donors. If you're unable to find an Egg Donor in our database, our team will gladly facilitate a search to meet your requirements.

Shared Cycle Egg Donation (most cost effective)

To help with the cost of the IVF cycle, The Genesis Group offers a shared cycle program. Prospective Parent(s) are matched with another Prospective Parent(s) in order to reduce the cost of an Egg Donation cycle. All Prospective Parent(s) will share incurred expenses. The Prospective Parent(s) will mutually pick a Donor of their choice, and The Genesis Group will synchronize their cycle, so both parties can have a fresh transfer. The Prospective Parent(s) will equally split the egg yield. If you are interested in this program please speak to a Case Manager for specific details.

Frozen Egg Donation

The Genesis Group can arrange frozen egg donation if you prefer. If you find an Egg Donor in our database and would like to opt for frozen eggs, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request. We have the ability to ship the egg yield to clinics within the U.S.

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Egg Donor FAQ

The egg donation process should not hurt. It is should be uncomfortable at most. During the Egg Aspiration process, you will undergo general anesthesia or heavy conscious sedation so you will not feel a thing. The procedure is an outpatient procedure that takes about 20 minutes or so. After the procedure, you will be kept in the recovery room for an hour to two hours. You can typically resume normal activity the next day.
One cycle typically takes 2 to 3 months to coordinate. You will need to work with an Attorney, a Reproductive Endocrinologist, a Geneticist and a Psychologist during the cycle. A Case Manager will facilitate the process for you. The cycle is not demanding on your schedule until the last 10 to 14 days of the cycle.
You will need to complete 6 to 8 doctor appointments. The visits occur during the early morning to avoid time conflicts with work or school. We will do everything to accommodate the process to your schedule and dates of unavailability. We require that you take the entire day off on the day of the retrieval.
The medication is an injection and typically must be taken every day for 8 to 12 days. The needles are very small; one of the smallest gauges. They should not be painful. They are similar to diabetic needles.
IVF technology has been in use since the late 1970's. There are no known long-term side effects. However, some Donors do experience short term side effects similar to Pre-Menstrual Syndrome ("PMS") symptoms like mood swings, bloating, cramping and fatigue. It is difficult to determine what type of side effect(s) an Egg Donor will experience, if any. We have several previous Donors that would be happy to tell you about their experiences if you would like.

Initial Egg Donor Application

We look for the very best egg donors and each applicant is reviewed on a case-by-case basis

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