Become a Genesis Parent.

They say that family is a gift that lasts forever. And that's what drives us. It's why we embark upon this journey with you. When you work with Genesis, you join our family, while we help you build your own. Our devoted team stays right by your side throughout the entire process for every moment of laughter, tears, and joy. Based on our years of experience and expertise, we're able to anticipate potential obstacles and seamlessly guide you along the path to parenthood. We are your advocate, and we'll work diligently and enthusiastically starting at your initial consultation and going beyond your baby's birth.

Join our family as we help build yours.

Egg donation and surrogacy are relatively new advances in medical technology. As a result, we use the rules that govern the American Society of Reproductive Medicine as fundamental parameters to follow.

We take pride in getting to know every single Donor and Surrogate in our program. The Donors and Surrogates in our program go through an extensive pre-screening process, which includes basic genetic, psychological and aptitude screenings for donors, and medical records, psychological, and criminal screenings for surrogates. Each Donor and Surrogate are fully educated about the egg donation and surrogacy process, and sign an understanding and terms agreement.

We specialize in hard to find Donors. If you cannot find a Donor in our database that meets your specific needs, we will do everything possible to find the right match for you. The Genesis Group has a unique marketing team in place to meet your specific requests. This includes outside advertisements and marketing at no additional cost or obligation to you - we are in this journey together!

Each Prospective Parent is assigned to a Case Manager. Your Case Manager coordinates the specifics behind the egg donation and surrogacy process, while keeping you well-informed along the way. They will orchestrate the medical, psychological, genetic screenings, travel, legal coordination, etc. for your Egg Donor and/or Surrogate. Our goal is to support you on your journey into parenthood, so your Case Manager is here to assist you in any way possible.

Intended Parent FAQ

There are two ways to gain access to our database. You can fill out a quick questionnaire online and a Genesis Group representative will contact you shortly to activate your account so you can view our Donors. The second option is to call our office directly. A Genesis Group representative will be happy to help you fill out the questionnaire and provide you with a name and password to log in.
This means that a Donor is currently in the process of being matched with another client. If you would like to be placed on the Donor's "waiting list" please speak with your Case Manager. Your Case Manager will contact you if the match does not materialize. Another possibility is that this Donor has placed her profile on hold because she is temporarily unavailable to commit to a cycle but plans to in the near future.
If an Egg Donor is available, you can place her on a temporary hold for five (5) business days at no cost to you while you decide if she is the Donor you want to work with. A Surrogate can also be placed on a 3-day courtesy hold if she has approved your profile. She will also be placed on a 3-day hold following your meeting to decide whether you want to secure the match.
We have a special marketing team that will place advertisements for you and will search for your Egg Donor / Surrogate at no additional cost to you.
We highly recommend working with an attorney. The laws in the fertility industry are not settled, and it is not a good idea to move forward without proper representation. Our Egg Donors and Surrogates are REQUIRED to have an attorney in every cycle.

Initial Parent Application

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