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We're all about family. Whether it's the one you were born into, or the one you create for yourself, family is our purpose - it's why we do what we do. When you work with Genesis, you become part of our family; you're welcomed into a supportive sisterhood filled with compassion, empathy, and new friendships. Our tight-knit team will hold your hand every step of the way, celebrating your highs and supporting you through the lows. Our hands-on approach means that we're always checking in with you and keeping an open line of communication. From private Facebook Groups to monthly luncheons and annual retreats (think: gifts, pampering, and much more!), we are here for you 24/7.


Join our family and help create a new one.

We match Prospective Parents with Gestational Surrogates using our two-step matching protocol. The first step is an in-person consultation with the Prospective Parents, whenever possible. The Genesis Group will interview the Prospective Parents and match them with a suitable Surrogate based on 4 criteria:

1. Personality
2. Expectations
3. Geography
4. Specific Requests

The second step is to meet with your potential Surrogate. A Genesis Group representative will be present to facilitate the meeting and make sure all important topics are covered. If both parties agree to move forward with the relationship, we will then proceed to the contractual matching stage.


Make someone's dreams come true.

The gif of surrogacy is one of the greatest gifts a person can give. It is a gift of the time, energy and your own body. If you'd like to help a person or couple achieve their parenting dreams through surrogacy, Genesis will take care of you each step of the way.

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Surrogate FAQ

The health risks are very similar to a normal pregnancy, but it is best to speak with your personal OB/GYN.
This will depend entirely on you and the Prospective Parent(s). Some Surrogates maintain a very close relationship, while others have no contact after the birth. It is imperative to express your expectations prior to being matched.
Surrogate compensation ranges from $35,000 to $70,000 depending on experience.
No! The Prospective Parents will pay for all fees and costs related to the cycle. If you require specific testing (or retesting) directly related to your own health outside of the normal Surrogate screening process in order to clear you to proceed with a surrogacy cycle, you may be responsible for those costs.

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